DMXking UltraDMX Micro USB-DMX Adapter


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Looking for a low-cost USB DMX "cable" that'll go the distance and produce reliable DMX512 data output? The ultraDMX Micro is exactly what you've been looking for with an internal microcontroller and tough XLR housing plus Enttec Pro compatibility there are few boxes this interface doesn't tick. Built-in DMX Decelerator functionality helps get your rig running smoothly even with the cheapest light fixtures.

The perfect complement for FreeStyler on Windows platform and Chameleon on the Mac.


  • A microprocessor controls DMX512 timing - no flicker problems like the "Open" and clones.
  • Supported operating systems: Windows, MAC OS, Linux
  • DMX512 Transmitter or Receiver
  • DMX transmit timing adjustment settings to "fix" issues with non-compliant DMX lighting gear.
  • DMX receive rate throttling option to ensure receiving software isn't overloaded with too many frames per second.
  • 3-pin XLR Female connector
  • Tough metal housing with attached USB cable (note that the cable may be white or black due to manufacturing variations)
  • No external power supply required
  • Internal double buffered DMX512 streams resulting in zero lost frames
  • Fully compatible with software suitable for ENTTEC USB Pro, using same standard FTDI drivers
  • Configuration utility (Windows only)

Equivalent Hardware:

  • Enttec DMX USB Pro ($170)


With this being an inexpensive entry into the amazing, but sometimes complex, the world of DMX-controlled lights, naturally new users may run into problems getting their full system set up. Please be aware that the DMXking ultraDMX Micro is just one component in the full system. With so many software options available (see list below, both free and paid versions are available), we have chosen to not include any software with this device. Also be aware that most operating systems include drivers for this device (it's using a USB-Serial device from FTDIChip so your computer needs drivers from FTDIChip if it doesn't come with it already). Here are some troubleshooting suggestions if you run into issues:

  1. Download the User Manual.
  2. Verify that your device shows up as a serial port in your computer (Device Manager in Windows, System Profiler in OS X). Verify that you're using a driver from FTDIChip, or one that's included with your computer. You should not use a driver from Enttec, even if this device is 100% compatible with the Enttec Pro protocol. You can download drivers from the FTDIChip web site.
  3. Download the DMXking ultraDMX Config Utility (Windows only). This can be used to verify connectivity to the ultraDMX Micro and modify timing settings if you have lights that aren't 100% DMX-compliant.
  4. Set up your light fixture in the most basic way first, plug the ultraDMX Micro directly into a single light fixture, verify that the light fixture is in DMX mode (usually it says d.001 or something like that on the display) and confirm its start address (1 through 512).
  5. On Windows, you can use the DMXking Config Utility to test the light fixtures by going to the DMX Display option under the View menu. Once in there switch to the Transmit view (to send data to the light fixture). You can then click the All 255 button, most lights will show some activity. Note that it brings up all addresses to the full brightness. If you see activity on the light fixture then you have verified that your operating system can communicate with the ultraDMX Micro, that the ultraDMX Micro is working, and that your light fixture is working.
  6. Once that is working you should be able to start using a real light design software. A good starting point is a Freestyler, QLC+ or Lightkey, but there are numerous options, see below for a partial list.

Compatible Software:

DMX512 is the most commonly used lighting control protocol with roots in simple theatrical light dimming. These days almost any lighting or stage effect equipment may be controlled using DMX512 (with explicit exclusion of anything involving potentially dangerous operations such as pyrotechnics) including moving lights, LED screens, fog machines and laser displays.

The ultraDMX Micro unit is an entry-level device designed for use with computer-based show control software. It replaces an entire lighting console allowing the user to perform sophisticated shows with little more than a laptop. There are many free and commercial software packages available and by selecting the Enttec USB Pro as your DMX device compatibility is guaranteed. It has been reported that the software Enttec D-PRO is not compatible with this device due to Enttec using their hardware as a license key for their software.


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