DMXking eDMX Trigger board


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Trigger your show from this handy board, connected to your eDMX products via included RJ11 cable.

Compatible with the eDMX2, ultraDMX2, eDMX4-DIN and LeDMX4 products.

Note that this doesn't come with DIN-rail or wall mount accessories, please see listings to the right to add those separately.


  • Board to control Playback, up/down and blackout functionality on eDMX4-DIN/LeDMX boards.
  • Includes 30cm RJ11 cable for simple connection.
  • Verify your LeDMX PRO or eDMX PRO product has an accessory port before purchasing.
  • Onboard buttons alongside terminal blocks provide easy and customized basic show playback functionality.
  • Single eDMX PRO / LeDMX PRO / ultraDMX2 PRO can broadcast eDMX Trigger control to other units on the network.