DMX Core Pico 2 - DMX Re-Mapper


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Ever needed to re-map DMX channels in an installation? Maybe you don't have access to the original programming and now you got a new light fixture with a different profile. This controller can hook up on your DMX line and re-map any of the channels. For each output channel you can configure which input channel it should take data from, or if it should be a fixed value.

Configuration is stored in the onboard non-volatile flash memory and can be easily updated by connecting the controller to your computer via USB-C. Powered via USB-C, or 7-28 VDC. Built on the DMX Core Pico 2 so you could even replace the firmware with your own, but this listing includes one license for the re-mapper firmware.

Both DMX512 ports are isolated using industry best practices.

Add a pre-built DMX cable to get up and running quickly, or build your own. DMX cables not included.

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  • 2x DMX512 ports
  • 3-pin connectors for DMX, same as for the DMXking products
  • 7-28VDC power supply, or power via USB-C
  • Includes USB cable, power and DMX connectors
  • Can be DIN-rail mounted, or surface/wall mounted
  • Typical power consumption 30mA at 12V, less than 1w


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