DMXking eDMX1 DIN MAX - ArtNet/sACN to DMX Controller


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Compact OEM Board for sACN/E1.31 and Art-Net to DMX512 conversion with external show trigger inputs. Built-in show recording for standalone operation. Supporting both DMX512 output and input individually configurable along with Art-Net and sACN protocols the eDMX1 MAX DIN is well suited to distributed permanent installations tucked away in small enclosures. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand to the highest standards.

Recording/playback requires approved/tested SD card models (see recording manual for details).


  • Wide input power range 7-28Vdc
  • Optional power from USB-C
  • USB DMX functionality in addition to Network ArtNet/sACN
  • 1x DMX512 OUT or DMX512 IN non-isolated
  • Merge 2 incoming Art-Net streams with HTP and LTP options
  • sACN Priority takeover for multi-tier controller arrangements
  • Recording and playback of shows to microSD card (not supplied) - See eDMX MAX Record / Playback manual
  • External show trigger I/O port
  • Real time clock with battery (not supplied) backup for intermittent power standalone playback
  • Art-Net I, II, 3 & 4 + sACN/E1.31 protocol support including universe synchronization
  • Static or DHCP IPv4 networking
  • Integrated DIN rail and wall mount with OEM board also available for integration into your designs

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