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XLRJ45® is an adapter to convert a DMX512 XLR connector to a RJ45 connector. The adapter makes it possible to use any ordinary, low cost CAT-5 ethernet cable as a DMX512 cable. XLRJ45® is available in four versions, 3-pin male or female XLR or 5-pin male or female XLR. The different adapters can be mixed to make for example a 5-pin to 3-pin cable. They are very useful for making a DMX512 cable quickly and at a very low cost.


CPOINT® XLRJ45® Facts & Features

  • Use an ordinary CAT-5 ethernet cable to make a DMX512 cable together with two XLRJ45® adapters.
  • Plug the XLRJ45® directly into any 3 or 5-pin XLR DMX512-controlled equipment.
  • Four XLRJ45® versions are available, male or female 3-pin or 5-pin XLR to RJ45.
  • Combine different adapters as needed.
  • Very robust, rugged molded housing with non-slip grip.
  • Gold plated pins on connectors.
  • Sturdy light weight color printed paper box packaging.
  • Weight including packaging, 50g/1.76oz.
  • EAN13 Barcodes, separate code for each type of XLRJ45®.
  • Easy to use and small, fits in your pocket.
  • RoHS, REACH and California Prop65 Certified.

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