DMX decoder and LED low-voltage dimmer - 24 Channel


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24CH RGB DMX decoding driver converts a DMX512 input to PWM output with 256 different levels output per channel. It provides flicker-free and smooth dimming of low voltage (5-24V) LEDs and lights. 
Note that this is for "dumb" LED strips, not pixels that are individually addressable. Can also be used to control low-voltage lights, like those in inflatable Halloween/holiday displays. Please note that the product can be slightly different than the photos due to sourcing limitations. This is not a DMXking product.


  • Power input: DC 5V - 24V
  • Channels: 24 (8 groups of 3 channels, ideal for RGB strips, but can be used independently)
  • Output rating: 3A per channel
  • Input: DMX512 (cables/XLR connectors not included)
  • Plug-in terminal blocks for easy connections
  • Operating temperature: -20 - 50°C
  • DMX starting channel set by DIP switches on the side
  • There are 10 built-in programs which can be used for testing or for simple displays.
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